A wealth of experience

Thanks to an interesting and lively past, we have a positive and unique team of employees.

After starting out as a community pharmacy in the 1960s, the takeover by Globopharm AG in 1993 enabled us to expand our core business and add distribution to our range of services. This business segment was successfully expanded through partnerships with companies such as Novartis Pharma Schweiz Inc., Genzyme GmbH and Gilead Sciences Switzerland LLC. The same is true of our stomacare service, which was taken over from our former sister company Globocare AG and integrated into Globomedica AG as an independent business segment.

Following the management buyout that saw Globomedica AG emerge from Globopharm AG in 2009, Globomedica continued until the end of February 2016 as a proprietor-managed autonomous family enterprise. In February 2016 Globomedica took a further important step in terms of its development: with the aim of extending its services and offering as comprehensive a portfolio of products and services as possible, we merged with Mediq Suisse AG. Globomedica AG is now a member of the international Mediq Group.

Vision equals mission

We want to be the number one in the Swiss pharma logistics market with regard to flexibility, creativity and quality. We offer elegant, tailor-made solutions at all levels for your complex micro-logistics needs and are known for our reliability, professionalism and proactive service mentality.

Same goals – same paths

Our range of services is just as unique as you are. We specialise in meeting your needs of today as well as tomorrow at prices that respect your budget. Together we determine our direction and find creative ways to reach our goals. Because creativity is synonymous with individualism in its most refined form. This is when we take over, so that you can focus on your core business.

As we are curious and open to new ideas and challenges, we would like to meet you. Your goals are our goals, and mutual goals lead to mutual success.

Peter Vetterli

General manager
Pharmacist & Qualified Person